• To Our Candidates

    To Our Candidates

    Our vision is to partner with you, the candidate,
    and match you to next position that will enhance you career growth

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    To Our Clients

    The experience we have gained and the relationships
    we have established are a contributing factor in our success
    and your success as our customer.

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What do you think….

What do you think…. read more

For my System / Application / Infrastructure Architects at Vendors ( Attention EMC, HP, KPMG, CISCO, Microsoft, CharlesRiver, and all other StartUps providing Services ).

NSA’s Hacking Group Hacked!

NSA’s Hacking Group Hacked! read more

I am rested and back from The Bahamas… What is interesting is that one of my friends who is the equivalent of a Human Google on Technology trends and info made me aware of this today ( Thanks Brian G. )….

What the banks are up too…

What the banks are up too… read more

“For a glimpse of the future of investment banking, just look at the recruiting section of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s website.

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