AlgoSaaS, First & Only Network Security Policy Management, Software as a Service, Solution

AlgoSec, the leading provider of business-driven security policy management solutions, today announced AlgoSaaS, the industry’s first Network Security Policy Management Solution available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

AlgoSaaS delivers AlgoSec’s award-winning Security Management Solution functionality, already used at over 1,500 organizations worldwide, via a SaaS model, to enable progressive enterprise organizations to quickly and easily leverage the benefits of cloud-based security service offerings, including:

  • Industry-proven technology now available on-demand
  • Fast and simple deployment – ideal for organizations with limited IT staff resources
  • Little to no ongoing end-user maintenance
  • Seamless scalability in line with business growth
  • 24×7 instant support
  • Reduced CapEx, with subscription based, scaling pricing options
  • Flexibility, scalability and reliability of AWS, the industry’s leading hosting service

AlgoSaaS enables users to automatically manage their network security policies, and align them with their business processes and objectives. AlgoSaaS provides a single pane of glass that gives users holistic visibility across their entire network security infrastructure, including business applications and their network connectivity flows – across any cloud, SDN and on-premise enterprise network.

With its business-driven approach, visibility and intelligent, powerful automation capabilities AlgoSaaS helps customers:

  • Discover, map and migrate business applications and their network connectivity flows to the cloud or another data center – and significantly simplify and speed up the deployment process.
  • Intelligently process network security policy changes – with zero touch – across any on-premise security device and cloud security control.
  • Proactively assess network security policy risk posture, and ensure continuous regulatory compliance across the entire enterprise network.
  • Tie vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks to the relevant business processes – and then prioritize remediation efforts.