Industry News Inc. upped the ante this week, announcing plans to plunk down a massive collection of data centers in Stockholm. It is the latest move in a high-stakes race to own the biggest piece of a market that is expected to reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Amazon and its chief rivals— Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc. are aggressive players in so-called hyperscale computing, which provides digital horsepower that scales quickly when needed in real time, like when NFL fans crush a fantasy-sports site before kickoff. Combined, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet doled

The latest addition to WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 cache of CIA tools and documents gives details of tools used by the agency to attack Windows and Linux computers. The BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon projects can be used to intercept and exfiltrate SSH (Secure Shell) credentials. BothanSpy is used to target Windows, while Gyrfalcon is used for Linux machines, with both working in different ways. A number of popular distros can be hit by Gyrfalcon, including CentOS, Debian, RedHat, openSUSE and Ubuntu, and both tools function as

Linux malware is becoming a more important tool for cybercriminals as these individuals focus a greater portion of their attention on attacking IoT devices running the open-source operating system. WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report Q1 2017 found malware targeting Linux now comprises 36 percent of all malware spotted by WatchGuard with three Linux variants, Linux/Exploit, Linux/Downloader and Linux/Flooder, being included in the list of top 10 malware samples of the first quarter. For good measure the report argues PERL/ShellBot could also be considered a Linux malware as it primary targets systems running that software. “Linux attacks and malware are on the

The second DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) Europe, once again held in London, brought together the DevOps enterprise community. The financial industry was well represented, giving the attendees a unique perspective on the challenges facing this heavily regulated industry and how DevOps is helping to overcome them. One of DOES’ main goals is to gather high-fidelity experience reports and to gather evidence that negate the objections to the adoption of DevOps in an enterprise environment. The set of presentations by large financial institutions highlighted their common challenges: legal, compliance, security requirements and the prevailing bureaucratic and siloed culture of such organizations. The

Intel’s journey towards tomorrow rests on the belief that the “making of the future starts with a focus on AI.” The revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fast seeping into everything around us, be it things as simple as tagging photos, to more advanced decision-making in medicine or autonomous vehicles. AI is the way forward, and here’s how Intel is building on that. With the intent to accelerate its evolution from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices, Intel embarked on