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Linux malware is becoming a more important tool for cybercriminals as these individuals focus a greater portion of their attention on attacking IoT devices running the open-source operating system. WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report Q1Read More
The second DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) Europe, once again held in London, brought together the DevOps enterprise community. The financial industry was well represented, giving the attendees a unique perspective on the challenges facing thisRead More
Intel’s journey towards tomorrow rests on the belief that the “making of the future starts with a focus on AI.” The revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fast seeping into everything around us, beRead More
Red Hat’s core business has always been based on Linux, which even now continues to show signs of growth. Red Hat reported its first quarter fiscal 2018 financial results on June 20, with revenueRead More
 Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology that became famous, or infamous depending on your view, for powering bitcoin. Bitcoin allows people to exchange currency online without using banks or other middlemen. Bitcoin was theRead More