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Red Hat’s core business has always been based on Linux, which even now continues to show signs of growth. Red Hat reported its first quarter fiscal 2018 financial results on June 20, with revenueRead More
 Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology that became famous, or infamous depending on your view, for powering bitcoin. Bitcoin allows people to exchange currency online without using banks or other middlemen. Bitcoin was theRead More
Amazon may have long been the leader in cloud computing with its Amazon Web Services, but that may change later this year as Microsoft Corp will finally be able to surpass it. That’s accordingRead More
Amazon is planning to cut jobs at Whole Foods when it takes over the company, according to a Bloomberg report published Sunday that cited a source with knowledge of the matter. The Seattle-headquartered e-commerceRead More
Microsoft is hosting an online event for developers and architects that use open source technologies on Azure on June 21, 2017. The session is the first in a new series of online conferences called AzureRead More