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Cody Washington and Graham Gates are two ambitious workers who met at Iona College who graduated in 2015. Cody graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Graham with a B.A. in Marketing. They became friends as they worked on many projects together during their undergraduate years at Iona. When they graduated, Cody continued to go to school and got his M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology while Graham returned to his home to Connecticut. Graham returned to NY where he found his home at Tech Exec.

Graham kept in contact with Cody as their paths went in different directions. He knew that Cody’s internship was ending soon at the ACLU and that bringing him on board would be perfect for Tech Exec. So, Graham pulled some strings and got Cody the job. Together again, Graham and Cody collaborated to enhance and market Tech Exec via multiple avenues like Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Actively, they just completed the TechExec Online App, which allows potential candidates to apply and share jobs. Their contributions and teamwork hope to bring Tech Exec to new heights.

From The Desk of Graham and Cody:

“Recently I, along with my college classmate Cody, were recruited by TechExec in order to broaden their online presence. It was our responsibility to build a website from the ground up in order to create a pipeline for potential candidates to apply to open opportunities. After exceeding expectations with this initiative, Cody and I came up with the idea of an app. Our goal was to take the “hunting” out of job hunting by bringing all of TechExec’s premium opportunities to the forefront. Our application allows candidates to access any job in our database, making it easy to apply in 3 simple clicks. You can also share the opportunities with other like minded professionals and receive personalized notifications for positions that specifically match your skill set. Our App is free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. We would appreciate any feedback you may have for us, as we continue to improve.”


Graham and Cody