Core Reliability Engineer (Trading Support)

Investment Firm #009

Core RE trading is a glorified application support team. Their primary function is support of some of our biggest trade desks. Their d2d work includes all start of day, intra day, and end of day trade support activities, including scheduling, execution, and configuring and building out monitoring. They own trade operations, and tend to errors too.

This is an L2-L3 support function. They have a deep understanding of the business, the domain, and ensure their partners are able to trade.
This team looks for demonstrated production support capabilities. This person needs to be able to operate under pressure, and have experience solving time-sensitive problems in a production environment.

From a technical perspective, they need to understand command line, troubleshoot Linux, have worked with bare metal (as opposed to the cloud), know Java and Python, ElasticSearch, Docker and Kubernetes. The most important thing we look for on this team is troubleshooting skills in the above technical environment.

From a business perspective, they need to understand the trading domain. A good example of a question to validate this is asking candidates what the difference is between an order and a quote. If they can answer this question confidently and truly understand the order lifecycle, that’s an indicator that they’ll be a fit.

Seniority-wise, we’re somewhat flexible. However if the person is senior (let’s say 7+ YOE), they should have all of the above technical skills. If they’re 1-6 YOE, we can be flexible on programing languages they know, different flavors of Linux, and containerization.

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