Data Engineer (Python Focus)

Global Investment Manager #007

Data Engineer (Python Focus)

It would be hard to overstate the importance of data to our business. Data engineers are responsible for the lifecycle of the research data that informs our models. They work closely with the researchers who create trading signals and strategies to identify data sources, assess quality, determine the right storage technologies, create software interfaces, and derive useful insights. They also collaborate closely with trading system developers, strategy implementation engineers, and infrastructure specialists from across the company.

The ideal candidate combines strong software engineering abilities, a deep understanding of storage replication and indexing technologies, and a practical approach to solving data problems. More important than specific experience is a desire to understand large datasets and to create software solutions that make data analysis and modeling intuitive to others.

– Partner with researchers to investigate, organize and parse large strategy-specific data sets using industry standard and our specific platforms

– Continually improve how we absorb, clean, validate, organize, and store data that’s used at our firm

– Create backend APIs to standardize and facilitate data access

– Develop software to automate tasks around research data collection, parsing, and analysis

– Build a deep understanding of data across strategies and asset classes

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