Data Scientist

Financial Consulting Firm #027


● Developing production-quality software for the processing and analysis of data:
β—‹ Ensuring data quality in the pipeline from data acquisition to the model.
β—‹ Working in a distributed-memory multiprocessing environment.
● Evaluating new data sources for predictive signals.
● Identification and refinement of features in data that are useful for modeling.
● Contributing to our understanding of data, including market microstructure.
● Parsing, normalizing, and understanding historical market data.
● Aiding in the design of real-time data acquisition systems.
● Close collaboration with data engineers, the portfolio and research teams, software
engineers, and trading-operations staff.


● Advanced degree in the physical sciences, computer science, or mathematics.
● Experience working with, processing, and analyzing large data sets.
● Strong programming skills, in one or many of the following:
β—‹ Python, Pandas, Numpy, Matlab, R,
β—‹ Postgres/SQL,
β—‹ HPC,
β—‹ Linux/UNIX: command line tools, filesystems, signals, pipes.
● An interest in working on a wide spectrum of projects, including data quality assurance,
data onboarding, and feature detection.
● Ability to communicate clearly and collaboratively work on larger projects.
● No prior experience in finance required.

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