Database SRE Team Lead

Quantitative Trading Firm #015

The Profile

· A degree in computer science or a related technical field

· 5+ years of experience working in database management and infrastructure engineering

· Proven ability to lead significant technical projects and/or teams while staying deeply involved with the technology itself

· Familiarity with state-of-the-art DB technologies and tradeoffs: distributed DBs, time-series DBs, relaxed consistency models, columnar storage

· Knowledge and experience with Linux, must be comfortable using Linux/UNIX command line tools

· Interest in diving into performance investigations throughout the tech stack, from hardware issues to the application level

· Experience with at least one of: MySQL, Postgres, Yugabyte, SQL Server, CockroachDB, Trino, or Kafka

· Solid scripting, performance troubleshooting, and networking knowledge

· Exceptional communication skills – this role will require cross-collaboration with various stakeholders.

· You are resourceful, have a sense of urgency, and are motivated to make things better and to always be learning. You don’t only want to just get the job done, you always want to deliver the highest quality work.

· Basic knowledge of Python

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