Linux Engineer (Automation)

Hedge Fund #036

Concentration on Infrastructure Automation.

§ Research and experiment with new centralized multi-tenant clustered platforms

Work with ( multi-tenant clustered platforms ) in terms of automating them. ( Kubernetes, Etc)
His interactions are as a Consultant working for a vendor.
§ Troubleshoot complex storage, OS, and networking issues

Work with Storage – In the realm of automating the storage, he isn’t a storage Engineer
4-5 years ago he attained his EMC Proven Professional.
( He has his own storage array ( Powerstore, PowerUnity )
§ Riveted focus on efficiency through automation of provisioning and housekeeping

Created DevOps PaaS Stack Solution utilizing: Dell hardware, Ubuntu, Ansible,
Docker Swarm, and Ceph storage, design architecture and led team to deploy and

customize Bare Metal Provisioning Software (Ubuntu MAAS).

What’s required

§ 10GE/25GE client network cards, drivers, firmware and kernel bypass capabilities

No exp with this . ( Virtual or a systems engineer installing the cards )
§ Good understanding of hardware RAID, erasure encoding, etc

He has done the EMC Proven Professional cert ( Focusing on Raid )
He has his own raid 5 in his home lab
§ Experience in automation (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef)

Architect and develop IaC pipeline using Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform and Git to
deploy On-Premises Private Cloud infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) alternative to

Azure. Includes vSphere, Rancher, RedHat and Cassandra.

§ Python / Shell scripting

Develop automated performance testing software for DevOps environment using Cloud benchmarking software (Cosbench),
Groovy/Grails, MySQL & Python within Docker/Mesosphere environment.

§ Develop integration (using Python & Perl) between EMC Software and 3rd party tools (like ServiceNow and Remedy)

§ Protocol knowledge of NFS, CIFS, SMB

Yes he has plenty of experience with these platforms.
§ Understanding of complex ACLs and nuances between protocols

Not his core focus, but he has set up ACLS protocols and understands them well.

Nice to have

§ Experience with AWS storage including s3, storage gateway, EBS

He has some background with S3 Object store ( he setup an S3 environment )
§ Knowledge of HPC (AI/ML) offerings in public cloud providers (AWS/GCP preferred)

No HPC Experience ( his firm is about to start reviewing products )
SMARTS ( route cause analysis software that he supported, he didn’t support it, but he is familiar with ML )
§ Experience NFS v4.1

4.1 no experience.
§ Various HPE/Dell/Supermicro

Dell strong ( setting up IDRAC – installing operating systems on top of it )

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