Network Engineer

Quantitative Trading Firm #015

The Networks team designs, builds, and maintains all the communications infrastructure that allows our global trading and research environment to run 24/7. We are looking for a network engineer with experience deploying and maintaining large environments and managing the full network optimization lifecycle. You will drive our Campus and Data Center strategy, manage technical vendor relationships, and much more.

This position requires both project management and deep technical skills; you’ll be responsible for everything from negotiations to routing configuration and troubleshooting. You will work closely with our systems and operations teams as well as others at firm to build, manage, and monitor our campus and data center networks. You’ll have broad responsibilities and freedom to analyze and solve problems, and your solutions will have an immediate impact on our operations worldwide. We’re looking for someone who is excited about tackling big picture problems, working on a wide variety of projects and technologies, and contributing to both the project management and the technical nitty-gritty of our global network architecture – but also happy to troubleshoot user-facing campus issues.

The Profile

BS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related IT field
4+ years of relevant experience
High attention to detail and excellent prioritization skills, able to plan and prioritize workloads to meet implementation schedules
Eager to learn and apply new skills quickly
Willingness and ability to solve small technical problems in the field yourself
You enjoy tinkering with technology in your spare time
You have excellent communication skills and a willingness to admit mistakes


Excellent oral and written communication skills: able to distill complicated issues into clear and concise terms
Able to create and maintain clear and effective technical documentation
Excellent troubleshooting skills on wide variety of networking issues, including common Ethernet LAN problems, office Wi-Fi, routing, switching, and VPN remote access
Able to help others inside and outside firm; understand complex symptoms and debug effectively in tight timeframes
In-depth understanding of common layer 2 and layer 3 network protocols and best practices; working knowledge of OSPF, BGP, PIM, IGMP
Experience managing Arista, Cisco, and other common networking devices on a day-to-day basis
Experience in designing enterprise networks, capacity planning, and full lifecycle project management
Experience with packet decoding and analysis tools such as tcpdump and Wireshark
Understanding of basic power consumption and cooling issues in a datacenter environment
Knowledge of fiber optics technology and cabling standards; ability to sort through specs and make recommendations on appropriate purchases
Experience with Unix/Linux command line and networking stack
Experience with firewalls, VPNs and NAT
Experience working directly with end users to troubleshoot connectivity issues

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