Platform and Virtualization Reliability Engineer

Investment Firm #009

PaVE owns our entire compute fleet. This includes GCP, our private cloud, and Kubernetes. They support tens of thousands of machines on premise and servers in the cloud, and write software to deploy, manage and automate them.

The only two requirements are that candidates have experience with Linux and Python as an SRE. OpenStack, Ceph and Kubernetes are all a plus.

We’re wide open on seniority for both roles, as long as candidates have at least 1.5 YOE and want to be an IC.
The majority of this manager’s team has 10+ YOE and comes from finance. Ideally he’d like to diversify the team by hiring someone less senior than 10 years and comes from outside of finance, but this is not a hard requirement.
Early on, candidates will automate hundreds of machines through code, and also modernize our systems.
This team follows the latest compute standards, including upgrading our operating systems every 2 years, using the most modern version of Python, and upgrading our open source libraries

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