Platform Reliability Engineering

Investment Firm #009

Plat RE is an ops-heavy RE team that supports dial-tone services, VPN infrastructure, web proxy infrastructure, DNS, and bare metal servers that power trading at Two Sigma. These reliability engineers focus on troubleshooting, large projects, and implementations. For example, they’re currently working on a converting a fleet of web proxy’s from a physical machine to a virtualized appliance.

This team is looking for someone junior, ideally 1-3 YOE. They should come from a small company where they’ve had to wear many hats. This is important – we do not want someone from a big shop for this group.
This team looks more for the hustler type, rather than the academic. We still want a CS degree.

From a technical perspective, we look for experience with dial-tone services, DNS, Linux/Debian operating system management, Ansible, and Python scripting for automation.

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