Research Infrastructure (C++ and Python Focus) (HPC)

Global Investment Manager #007

Research Infrastructure (C++ and Python Focus)

In order to work their magic, our research scientists and software engineers rely on a suite of bespoke tools, libraries, and applications, running in a fast and stable research grid environment. It’s this technical foundation that makes our innovative research possible, so we devote significant time and attention to getting it right.

– Build and manage libraries and APIs, as well as the container, distributed algorithm, grid-abstraction, and calculation frameworks used by researchers. Provide a flexible, high-performance research environment

– Allow the scale, algorithmic complexity, and searing performance of our HPC grid to be accessible to a diverse set of research users and use cases

– Be a partner to our researchers and software engineers by intuiting their needs, managing priorities, and building fast, useful, and reliable tech for alpha, signal, and portfolio construction

– Competence with linear algebra, calculus, numerical analysis, and/or machine learning is a big plus

– Qualifications: 5 to 10+ years of professional software development experience

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