Senior Data Developer Architect

Global Growth Equity Investor #019

The Data Engineer – Data Architect will have the following responsibilities:

Self-Serve Data Platform

• Design the conceptual self-service data platform using latest cloud based technologies like
Snowflake and/or Azure Data Services to provide de-centralized Data Lake, an Enterprise Data
Hub and a comprehensive Data Warehouse.
• Responsible for architecture and design of Data Layer as part of Data Strategy for structured,
semi structured and unstructured data using SQL Server on prem, Snowflake, Azure SQL, Azure
Synapse, Azure Data Lake Services, CosmoDB, Redis Cache et al
• Hands on development, implementation, and maintenance of Enterprise Data Hub that can store,
compute and query relational data, columnar data and unstructured blobs using Azure Data
Factory, SSIS, and Talend among others
• Define and develop processes and controls around the data platform to provide it as a service to
Data Science team, AppDev & Infrastructure/Security teams.
Data Cataloguing & Governance
• Define, develop and implement registration processes and controls around data discovery, data
search and data cataloguing.
• Collaborate with product owners and data steward to thoroughly understand business
requirements, manage data designs for all applications, and maintain centralized data dictionary
& data models.
• Define standards, configurations and operational/administration guidelines for entire data layer.
• Provide Level 3 support for all data applications, especially for data layer.

Data Design & Development

• Enhance, manage and maintain database design for Master Data Management and Operational
Data Store using normalization models.
• Enrich, design and develop databases for Reporting Data Layer using Star Schema.
• Implement service based design model for all development in Data Warehouse and Data Hub.
• Responsible for all development of SQL and NOSQL scripts, tables, Views, stored procedures,
extended functions in .Net/python etc in data layer.
• Work with data team members in design and development on overall data application delivery,
including data integration & preparation, and data analytics & reporting.
Data as a Service
• Work with data team members in designing and developing a centralized Semantic Layer using
API services to provide data as a service to custom or cloud applications, mobile devices, search
engines, reporting & analytics applications and data science initiatives.
• Collaborate with product owners and data steward to define, design & develop the data classes
within the data service layer
• Build complex data processing pipelines using control flow and data flow components for real
time or batch jobs using Talend, Azure Data Factory or SSIS.
Required Knowledge and Skills

The Data Engineer – Data Architect should have the requisite qualifications and experience:

Background and Training

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, management information systems, or equivalent
working experience in information technology.
• At least 5-8 years as a full stack data developer, with at least 2 years in an architect seat.
• Preferred experience working in the Finance industry.
• Demonstrated experience in learning, working with, and adopting new technology.
• Experience and competency in data development tools like SQL Server, Snowflake, and Azure
data services like Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake Services, CosmoDB, Redis Cache et
• Proficient in data design methodologies for relational, columnar, transactional, analytical, semistructured and unstructured data.
• Experience in data preparation & ingestion tools SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Data Bricks and
• Exposure to data cataloguing & modeling applications, BI & Reporting tools like Tableau, and
design & development using API services to provide data as a service.
• Proficiency in at least 1 coding language like C# and/or python for complex data processing &
calculation layer.
• Ability to factor usability, performance, security and maintainability requirements into software
• Familiarity with agile software engineering processes and ability to contribute to planning and

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