Senior Data Integration Architect

Global Growth Equity Investor #019

Data Integration & Preparation

• Responsible for architecture, design, administration and development of Data Ingestion Layer as
part of Data Strategy, especially using service based architecture.
• Research and implement cloud based tools in Data Integration space, like Talend Cloud, Azure
Data Factory, Data Bricks, or Alteryx.
• Define and develop standards, configurations and operational/administration guidelines for
data integration layer to provide it as a service to Data Science and AppDev teams.
• Create integration jobs connecting to heterogeneous data sources like SaaS applications, hosted
applications, private cloud applications, databases etc. using web-api’s, rest/soap api’s or varying
data connectors.
• Develop ETL, ELT and other service based integration jobs as part of overall Data application
• Provide Level 3 support for all data applications, especially for integration layer.
Data as a Service
• Implement a centralized Semantic Layer using API services to provide data as a service to custom
or cloud applications, mobile devices, search engines, reporting & analytics applications and data
science initiatives.
• Define and develop processes and controls around the data service layer so that Data Science or
AppDev teams can provide or ingest data via the centralized service layer.
• Work with data team members in designing and developing the data classes within the data
service layer.
• Build and maintain a repository of web endpoints for the centralized logical data service layer as
part of forward looking integration capabilities.
• Build complex data processing pipelines using control flow and data flow components for real
time or batch jobs using Talend, Azure Data Factory or SSIS.
Self-Service Data Platform
• Work with data team members to prepare data or provide real time data to de-centralized Data
Lake, an Enterprise Data Hub or Data Warehouse, using latest cloud based technologies like
Snowflake and/or Azure Data Services.
• Collaborate with data team members in design and development of Enterprise Data Hub that can
store, compute and query relational data, columnar data and unstructured blobs.
Data Design & Development
• Contribute towards all development of SQL and NOSQL scripts, tables, Views, stored procedures,
extended functions in .Net/python etc in data layer.
• Interact with data team members in design and development on overall data application delivery,
including data ingestion & preparation, data design & development, and data analytics &

Required Knowledge and Skills
The Data Engineer – Integration Architect should have the requisite qualifications and experience:

Background and Training

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, management information systems, or equivalent
working experience in information technology.
• At least 5-8 years as a full stack data developer, with at least 2 years in an integration architect
• Preferred experience working in the Finance industry.


• Demonstrated experience in learning, working with, and adopting new technology.
• Experience and competency with design and development of cloud based data integration tools,
especially Talend Cloud, and/or Azure Data Factory, Data Bricks, or Alteryx.
• Proficient in working with heterogeneous data sources, cloud providers like Salesforce, Workday,
Box etc., data aggregators, web sources or relational/analytical data sources providing
structured, semi-structured or unstructured data.
• Experience in data development tools like SQL Server, Snowflake, and Azure data services like
Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake Services, CosmoDB, Redis Cache et al.
• Exposure to design & development using API services on Talend Cloud or Azure to provide data
as a service, and BI & Reporting tools like Tableau.
• Working knowledge of any coding tool and their libraries like python, .Net or Java in building
complex custom processing or calculation sub jobs
• Expertise in designing and managing logging, Stack trace, messaging, notifications and all
operational standards around integration processes using Talend or SSIS
• Ability to factor usability, performance, security and maintainability requirements into software
• Familiarity with agile software engineering processes and ability to contribute to planning and

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