Senior Linux Engineer (with Infra as Code Skills)

Hedge Fund #036

· Location: (Mid-town Hudson Yards, NY or Stamford CT)

· In office: (2/3 days a week)

· Comp: (Open for right candidate: Firm currently interviewing candidates making more than $ 375 k.)

Notes from Manager: This role will sit in the Linux Engineering team, however the challenge that this group has now is that there are 3 storage engineers and 5 Linux engineers in his group. The Linux Guys kind of understand Storage and the Storage Engineers kind of understand Linux. The client wants to find a candidate that understand both well. The first 3-4 months of this role will focus on cleaning up and automating the Storage Environment.

(This storage work will take up 20% / 30% of your day and Linux the other 70% / 80%)

Challenges Manager is seeing in candidates submitted so far:

Candidates aren’t as strong in Storage and Automation as much as firm would like

– How is the client quantifying candidates?

1. Should have a strength in automating with any of the following:

– Python (or) Ansible is strong ( Chef or Puppet and/or Terraform)

2. Candidates should have and strengths in these areas of storage.

– Firm has a wide variety of storage.

– Candidate should be able to Profile storage systems –

Picking the right storage for the need of the internal client.

– Bench marking Storage.

– Candidate should be able to help people with ACL issues

– Dealing with JBOD equipment when migrating

JOB Summary

We’re looking for an experienced Linux Engineer who enjoys being challenged, appreciates a flat reporting structure, and thrives in a fast-paced environment. You will manage our existing infrastructure and help engineer and manage future solutions.

A Career with Hedge Fund’s Technology Infrastructure Team

As Hedge Fund reimagines the future of investing, our Technology group is constantly improving our company’s IT infrastructure, positioning us at the forefront of a rapidly evolving technology landscape. We’re a team of experts experimenting, discovering new ways to harness the power of open source solutions, and embracing enterprise agile methodology. We encourage professional development to ensure you bring innovative ideas to our products while satisfying your own intellectual curiosity.

Our Technology Infrastructure Team engineers and operates the foundational technology platforms that power all of Hedge Fund’s applications and businesses. Our disciplines span a broad array of technologies from datacenter infrastructure to large scale cloud services, with the shared goal of providing the most reliable, performant, modern technology platforms to improve time-to-market for our business. We also deliver end-user technology solutions to support the evolving collaboration and productivity needs of our global teams. Our team focuses on innovation and challenging the current state of our infrastructure technology in a fast-paced, dynamic, and collaborative working environment.

What you’ll do

We’re looking for an experienced Linux Engineer who enjoys being challenged, appreciates a flat reporting structure, and thrives in a fast-paced environment. In this role, you will manage our existing quant compute/storage infrastructure and be responsible for the design, automation, and management of future infrastructure solutions to support our portfolio managers as they leverage our large-scale research environment. Specifically, you will:

· Design and manage a variety of quant research platforms

· Research and experiment with new centralized multi-tenant clustered platforms

· Troubleshoot complex storage, OS, and networking issues

· Increase efficiency through automation of provisioning and housekeeping

What’s required

· 5+ years of engineering, deployment, and management experience of large-scale Linux infrastructure in a financial services company

· 3+ years of experience in highly parallelized environments with storage deployments

· 2+ years of experience with a modern infrastructure-as-code automation platform (Ansible, Salt, etc.)

· Knowledge of distributed file systems, (Lustre, or GPFS), used in large multi-tenant clustered compute environments and the ability to choose the right file system for the right use case

· Experience with a wide variety of filesystems such as ZFS, XFS, ext4

· Extensive experience with Linux (RHEL / CentOS / Ubuntu) configuration, troubleshooting, and performance tuning

· Experience with modern x86/AMD-based computing platforms, expert knowledge of use cases for scaling for transaction speed versus distributed parallel processing

· Experience with 10GE/25GE client network cards, drivers, firmware, and kernel bypass capabilities

· Knowledge of Linux software RAID and a solid understanding of hardware RAID, erasure encoding, etc.

· Experience in automation (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef)

· Python / Shell scripting

· Protocol knowledge of NFS and CIFS

· Understanding of complex ACLs and nuances between protocols

· Experience deploying and leading hybrid and/or cloud-native high performance compute environments in AWS

· Commitment to the highest ethical standards

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