Senior Quantitative Developer

Investment Firm #009

Successful candidates for this role must demonstrate a strong background primarily
focused on a traditional systems topic (e.g. Compilers, Networking, OS). In addition, candidates should
be experienced and active C or C++ developers, and should be comfortable producing idiomatic code in
a large multi-author code base using standard tools. More experienced candidates should also be able
to demonstrate significant expertise in at least one niche area relevant to low-latency trading.


As a Quantitative Developer, you will build and enhance:
 Low-latency trading software and hardware infrastructure
 High-throughput research software and hardware infrastructure
 Systems for testing, deployment, and monitoring of services.
 Highly optimized and geographically-distributed networking capabilities


 BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
 Strong programming background in C or C++
 Strong systems background
 Comfortable with basic system administration in a GNU/Linux environment.
 Significant expertise with clock synchronization a plus
 Significant expertise with networking, TCP, and PCIe a plus
 Significant expertise with Linux kernel internals a plus
 Significant expertise with concurrent programming a plus
 Strong critical thinking and communication skills

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