Software Infrastructure (C++ and Python Focus)

Global Investment Manager #007

Software Infrastructure (C++ and Python Focus)

An efficient and well-tooled engineering team is crucial to a successful quantitative trading firm and as a member of our Software Infra team you’ll design and build our next generation software deployment platform, ensuring our engineering team has access to best-in-class dev tools, and acting as a force multiplier to all engineers within our firm.

– Develop complex new software systems, extend and integrate the latest open-source and third-party development tools, containerization and orchestration technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud.

– Understand and shape how these ‘web-scale’ technologies can be applied in a financial trading organization with varied use-cases and stringent performance and reliability requirements.

– Work embedded with application teams to integrate infrastructure into their real use-cases, work hand-in-hand with our Systems Infrastructure team to build a great platform.

– Exceptional programming skills

– Experience designing fully automated, readily scalable, and highly reliable software systems

– Familiarity with UNIX/Linux, network/distributed systems programming, multithreaded programming, lock-free algorithms, complex scheduling problems, and domain-specific languages is helpful

– Knowledge of trading and finance isn’t required


– Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science from an excellent academic program

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