Systems- Core Engineering

Asset Management Firm #003

A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree from an elite institution in computer
science, engineering, physics, math, or the equivalent
1–6 years of professional experience at a top-tier firm where software and
systems engineering are business-critical
Deep skills or acumen in learning about systems, programming languages,
algorithms, mathematical concepts, or networking
Competitive drive and an intrinsic motivation to win

DEVELOP a tool that identifies
hot spots in storage systems and
finds ways to optimize the storage
fabric to be more resilient. Extend
the tool to improve throughput and
reduces latency on file, object and
block storage for 100s of petabytes
of data.

BUILD a serverless compute
platform that can scale to millions
of instances, where developers can
run code for virtually any type of
application or backend service – all
with zero administration. Developers
just upload their code and the
compute platform takes care of
everything required to run and
scale the code with high availability.
Provide the ability for developers to
set up their code to automatically
trigger from other services like
Kafka or call it directly from any
other applications. Build reference
applications on this platform and
provide office hours + lunch/learn
seminars to help with adoption by
the developer community.

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